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All my courses/workshops below. My courses are about Low Content Publishing, Fiction writing, Nonfiction writing, and making Money Online.

Low Content Publishing Courses and Workshops


Nifty Notebook Creation

Stand out from the competition. Create your own notebooks with a unique image and quote on each page without spending hours or days in the process.

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Rapid Ruled Notebooks

Learn how to make a college ruled notebook from scratch using Affinity Publisher for the content pages.

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Glitter Text

How do you make beautiful glitter text for covers or images? Let me show you here how to do it with Affinity Designer.

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Cute Calendar Printables

Learn how to make printable calendars (monthly, weekly, daily) with Affinity Publisher.

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Fiction Courses and Workshops

Nonfiction Courses and Workshops

Money-Online Courses and Workshops


Review Challenge

There is ONE simple goal for this 5-day challenge: write a review that sells. One goal, one review. After those five days, you have the method, and you can go on to create hundreds of reviews that will keep selling for you, day and night, year after year.

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