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All my courses/workshops below. My courses are about Low Content Publishing, Fiction writing, Nonfiction writing, and making Money Online.

Low Content Publishing Courses and Workshops


Nifty Notebook Creation

Stand out from the competition. Create your own notebooks with a unique image and quote on each page without spending hours or days in the process.


Rapid Ruled Notebooks

Learn how to make a college ruled notebook from scratch using Affinity Publisher for the content pages.


Glitter Text

How do you make beautiful glitter text for covers or images? Let me show you here how to do it with Affinity Designer.


Cute Calendar Printables

Learn how to make printable calendars (monthly, weekly, daily) with Affinity Publisher.


Magical Picture Method

So... you've made Baby Shower printables, games, or other kinds of printables or journals. But they all have the same image in the background or on the page.
How much more unique would it be if each page looked different?
Yeah, I know... Lots of work. Unless you discover how you can do this automatically.
I'll show you the four steps inside this course.


Monthly Calendar Magic

Nah... It cannot be done.

That's what I thought. I knew you could insert dates automatically in calendars. But monthly calendars?

They are different. They have the name of the days at the top. And unfortunately, every month doesn't start on a Sunday.

After months of speculation and test and experimenting, I found a way! It can be done.

And in this mini-course, I share how to do it.

This means that the monthly calendars for 2022 can be done quickly. And it will take a little bit of moving, and you'll have calendars for 2023, 2024, and forth.

Yes, this is a small miracle.


Themed Background Building

Learn how to make backgrounds with themes with Affinity Photo for your printable games.


Monthly Calendar Bonus

If you have completed both Magical Picture Method and Monthly Calendar Magic, you can access this course for free.

Inside, you'll discover how you can easily add both dates and individual images to our monthly calendars.


Cute Calendar Printable Bundle

You'll get access to all the courses related to making cute calendar printables.

In the courses, I use Affinity Publisher v 1 and Excel. Affinity Publisher v 2 works as well, but there are a few changes since v 1.

Cute Calendar Printables $77

Magical Picture Method $27

Monthly Calendar Magic $27

Monthly Calendar Bonus

Total: $131

Fiction Courses and Workshops

Nonfiction Courses and Workshops

Money-Online Courses and Workshops


Review Challenge

There is ONE simple goal for this 5-day challenge: write a review that sells.

One goal, one review.

After those five days, you have the method, and you can go on to create hundreds of reviews that will keep selling for you, day and night, year after year.


1-Hour Sales Letters

If the thought of spending hours or days writing a sales letter bores you out of your wit, then this course is for you. Write a sales letter that converts in one hour. No more wasting time that you could spend creating your next product instead. This course is ideal for low-priced info products.



Discover how picking the "wrong" stories can harm you and learn how to choose the right story for the right occasion.

You'll talk directly to your subscriber's heart.


3X Money System

Enough with the overwhelm and panic when you need money now.

Use my 3X Money Planning System and be the most productive self you've ever been... and still have more energy by the end of the day.


Time-Tested Tips for Magical eMail Marketing

Get higher open rates, more reads, more clicks, and more sales thanks to these Time-Tested Tips for Magical eMail Marketing.


Side Hustle Accelerator

What If You Could Set Up a Money-Making Machine In Only 2 Hours and Keep Earning Even Months or Years Later?


Solo Launch Case Study

What If You Could Set Up a Money-Making Machine In Only 2 Hours and Keep Earning Even Months or Years Later?