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You’ve finished a lesson in the Rapid Ruled Notebooks workshop.

Module 8 – Action Steps

Action Steps Use your content page template to create content pages for another notebook. Use your cover template to create another cover. Report here when you finished those two tasks. Write here what you thought about the workshop.

Module 7 – Action Steps

Action Steps Create a cover that is 12.27 x 9 plus .125 bleed (Affinity Designer) or 12.52 x 9.25 (Canva). Add background images, title, and spine. If you ran into problems, make sure to ask questions in the previous lesson. Report here when the job is done.

Module 6 – Action Steps

Action Steps Add Master B to pages 3-120. Laugh at how easy that was. Report here when you’ve completed these steps.

Module 5 – Action Steps

Action Steps Make page 1 with “This book belongs to” a line for the name and an image, if you want it. Make page 2 with your logo, image credits, link to your pen name’s homepage (if any), and other stuff you want on page 2. If you ran into any problems, make sure to …

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Module 4 – Action Steps

Action Steps Check that you have a blank Master A. Create Master B. Make the horizontal lines. Make the vertical lines. Add page numbers if you want them. Report any problems you had by leaving a comment under the previous lesson. Let us know in the comments when you’ve completed these steps.

Module 3 – Action Steps

Action Steps Watch the video lesson and take notes. Create your content pages (blank for now). Let us know in the comments, when you’ve completed these steps.

Module 2 – Action Steps

Action Steps Get Affinity Publisher if you don’t have it already. If you want to use Affinity Designer for your covers, then get that program too. It’s well worth it. Let us know in the comments when you have Affinity Publisher and whether you’ll use Canva or Affinity Designer for your covers.

Module 1 – Action Steps

Action Steps Say “hi” in the comments and let us know if you’ve already created notebooks. And if you have, what program did you use or did you buy the content pages? That’s it. Only one step for this module.

How you use it

In this ultra-short video, you’ll see how easy it is to use the templates you’ve just created. You’ll be able to create new notebooks and covers in no time.