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All six modules for Nifty Notebook Creation

My Productivity Secret

Is There a Secret? Yes! Here’s my secret to being hyper-productive in spite of only working Sunday through Wednesday from morning until 5 pm, minus an hour for breakfast and minus an hour for walking my dog, Nefnef. I spend time every day on my business. My preferred way to work is by doing a …

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After this Course

What Now? It doesn’t stop with one journal. For every new one you make, you get faster. You can even “cheat” and use the master.afpub file you made and merge it with other quotes and other images. Add a new cover, if you sell physical notebooks, and presto, there you have a completely new and …

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Module Five Action Steps

Action Steps Choose at least one place to sell your notebook or printables. Sign up for that place, if you aren’t already, or install your shop. Upload your content pages (optional: cover). Choose a price. Start selling. Mark this lesson as complete and earn 25 points.

The Easy Selling Process

Easy as Sign Up or Install and Sell Did you decide whether to sell print on demand (physical notebooks) or printables? You can do both, by the way. If you’re not that used to publishing notebooks, then I recommend starting with one method and then later expand to more. KDP and Lulu Here are links …

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Where to Sell Your Stuff

Where and How to Sell Your Stuff You have learned how you can create 120 unique pages fast. You can sell them in two ways: Combined with a cover. Content pages alone. Physical Notebooks If you want to sell physical products, notebooks or planners, you can combine your pages with a cover and sell it …

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You Have Plenty of Choices

Well done! You have finished the action demanding part of the course. Now you can just sit down and relax and read for a bit. We’re going to talk about the time after this course. There are SO many ways you can make money with what you just learned. I mean, not just KDP or …

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Module Four Action Steps

Action Steps Open your master Affinity Publisher file. Connect your datasource (.csv file) to your master. Create 118+2 pages. Change page 1 and 2. Fix errors. Export as PDF (300 DPI, all pages) When you’ve done the action steps, hit the Mark Complete button and earn 25 points.

Create Page One and Two

Create Your Unique Pages 1 and 2 In this video, I’ll show you how to create the first pages of your print ready content. One of my Nifty Notebook Creation students sent me a tip that I really love. It will shave off minutes of this process in the next step, when you create the …

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Create 118 Pages

Actually… 120 Pages But who counts? (grin) We’re creating 120 pages because of this weird thing with Affinity Publisher that we can’t add two unique pages without ruining the rest of the pages. In the video below, you’ll see how you add the field names to your master, and how you create 120 unique pages. …

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