Lesson Category: Module 6

Module 6 – Action Steps

Action Steps Add Master B to pages 3-120. Laugh at how easy that was. Report here when you’ve completed these steps.

If things went wrong

Again, let me know in the comments, if something went wrong for you while you made your 118 pages or exported them all as a PDF. Did you use the correct Master? Did you change the Area to All Pages?

Video: page creation

Please answer this question after you’ve seen the video: Is this easy or what?

This will be fun

Don’t you just love easy and fun? I do. If this is “work” then give me more. In this module we’re going to add lines, college ruled ones, to 118 pages, which more or less finishes our work. Our job here with the content pages will be done. At least.. almost. After this we just …

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