Lesson Category: Module 3

Module Three Action Steps

Action Steps Create and save your cover. Create your master. Create your spreadsheet with 118 quotes and links to images. Make two more copies of the first line of quotes/images. Your spreadsheet should now have 121 rows. When you’ve finished those four action steps, then mark this lesson as done and earn more points.

Create Your Master

When I see this title, I visualize all kinds of alien jokes. “Take me to your master.” But in Affinity Publisher, a master page is like a template you can copy to all your content pages, and that’s what we’re going to create here. You can view the video in full screen to see the …

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Create Your Spreadsheet

Create Your Spreadsheet Spreadsheets are for calculation stuff. Budgets, graphs, accountability. Why would we want a spreadsheet for our notebooks? That’s because spreadsheets have rows and columns, and THAT’s what we need for our notebooks. You could use a text file, but I find that it complicates things more than it helps. So a spreadsheet …

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Create Your Cover

Create Your Cover Do you need to create your cover before the content pages? No. You can do it in any order you prefer. And you may already know how to make a cover, in which case you can go ahead and mark this lesson as complete. I’ll show you how you can create a …

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