Lesson Category: Module 2

Module 2 – Action Steps

Action Steps Get Affinity Publisher if you don’t have it already. If you want to use Affinity Designer for your covers, then get that program too. It’s well worth it. Let us know in the comments when you have Affinity Publisher and whether you’ll use Canva or Affinity Designer for your covers.

One step at a time

Now that you know what we need, you may be thinking, “But I don’t know how to do all that…” True, but you’ll learn. Step by step. While you should have Affinity Publisher or similar program already, and either a Canva account or Affinity Designer, all the other things will come gradually. We’ll take it …

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What do we need

My brain is wired in a strange way. Whenever I see “What do we need?” I think of this meme: And when I start listing the items, I think of every Olsen Banden movie I’ve ever seen. Olsen Banden is a funny Danish series of movies. (Yes, there are funny Danish movies.) The protagonists are three burglars, …

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