Lesson Category: Module 2

Let Me Show You How to Do This

Don’t worry. You’re not going to type a single formula. We’re just using a spreadsheet, because it keeps things nice and orderly. And, most importantly, it lets us type only very little and then click and drag to fill in the rest. Let’s get started. As always, I’m going to show you this step by …

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Get a Spreadsheet

I hear that you can have the dates in a text file, but I find it much easier to use a spreadsheet. Because it has fields already, and it’s easy to see where one field starts and the next begins. You can use Google Sheets or Excel. I have the Microsoft Office suite, so I’m …

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You Need the Dates Now

Getting the dates is the next logical steps. Without having the dates, we cannot automatically insert them into our Affinity Publisher file. So, let’s get the dates ready.