Lesson Category: Introduction

What If You Run into Problems

What will you do if/when you run into problems? Perhaps there’s something you simply don’t understand. Perhaps something is not doing as it’s expected to do. What do you do? Well, if you’re like me, you struggle for hours alone, hating to give up. I’m not so sure it’s the best approach, to be honest. …

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How You Should Proceed

Go through the lessons the way you prefer. I prefer to read first, then watch a video. Next I’ll do what I just learned. This way, it’s fresh in my memory. Earlier on, I would go through a whole course, think, “This is easy. I can do that.” But once I sat down to do …

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So… What Are We Going to Do?

I have lots of goodies planned for you. We are going to go step by step. This course will consist of text, illustrations, and videos. In this course, we’ll need two things: A monthly calendar. A spreadsheet. If you’ve followed my courseĀ Cute Calendar Printables, you’ll have your own monthly calendar. Otherwise, you can download a …

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